Wheelchair Reservations

Yale is pleased to offer complimentary wheelchairs for Commencement weekend to frail family members and friends. We are able to provide two wheelchairs per family, and urge guests who do not use a wheelchair at home but who may be challenged by the crowds and considerable walking between events to consider using a wheelchair while at Commencement. Information about wheelchair pick up an drop off, handicapped seating at Commencement events, and handicapped parking and shuttles will be sent in early May to families with wheelchair reservations and will be posted to the Commencement website. Our quantity of complimentary chairs is limited, and early reservations are encouraged.

Please complete all information requested below. If you are submitting this request on behalf of a family member, please use your personal contact information or the contact information of the person who will be responsible for wheelchair pick up and drop off. If you are a student completing the form, enter your information on both first lines and the student information lines.

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